March 14, 2010


Sunday is a day when I relax, spend time with family and friends. First I attend worship services where the inspirational message of the sermon, fellowship and singing as well as dancing from the pew offer a high spirited time. I take time to reflect on the week gone by and anticipate the days ahead.  Some Sundays I go for a long walk, take time for some writing and/or reading.  Other Sundays, a long talk with a good friend will do.

Last Sunday, I had a chance to visit the New York Botanical Gardens with a friend to see the exhibit of the spectacular display of orchids.  Orchids bear beautiful flowers yet there elements are tough.  Orchid plants withstand seasons to bloom and bloom again. Did you know that the orchid genus Vanilla yields the flavor used in cooking. It was a brisk day, but worth the trip to share and discover in nature.  This Sunday, I've just finished up with presenting at a medical convention and now sit outside in the warmth of the sunshine to write, here and now.

My time and schedule continues to change with the demands of medical training and related pursuits.  It's not always easy to find balance. I try to keep my appointment to check-in with myself and God on Sundays about my dreams, hopes, desires, needs. There are some Sundays when sleep and rest are the best remedy and this may be especially true as today is time when many of you will "spring forward" for daylight savings time.

What do you do for self-care and wellness?  Did you have a good Sunday experience? Please share.

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  1. self-care is doing pbs (personal bible study), prayer, journaling, and exercising each day.
    wellness is eating 5-6 fruits and vegetables a day in a midst of well - balanced high fiber diet.
    a good Sunday experience is what i do each sunday after church, come home, and lay down for the rest of the day.