March 22, 2010

The Long Position

Health reform in America brings a new day. The passage of a new bill by Congress and the signing on Tuesday by the President will bring changes health for many lives in America.  The year-long process has been like nothing we have seen in the history of American politics.  From my view, I believe the long position has to be an option for those who have worked so hard we must continue on.

One piece of legislation will not yield the full effect so there is more work to do.  Yes, we will celebrate on Tuesday when President Obama will sign legislation into law in the morning, but the Senate will begin their debate in the afternoon on the reconciliation legislation. This process will take time. 

Don't give up because there are more challenges, change is hard work.  The problems in health care are tough, complicated deserving the long view beyond the political election cycle.  Just like the battle for survival in many chronic diseases and prolonged illnesses there have to phases in treatment and it takes more than one dose to cure. Additional efforts are required, healing takes time.

In the financial market taking the long position is considered practical in investing where you hold your on to your position (in a security, bond, or future) to to maximize profitability.  Those who have invested their support in health reform need to continue to hold on until more work is done to yield the full benefit.  Even when though we cant' see a clearing or the end in sight we should continue trust the process. Tenacity is the tool we need for progress.

We don't want to just treat America, we want to heal America. Let's keep on working.  

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