March 24, 2010

Rhythms for life: Step By Step

I'm a steady walker who has taken to jogging more and more.  Some days  I walk more than I jog as I'm intentional about keeping a healthy stride.  I set goals.  Taking out 30 to 45 minutes a few times a week to walk or jog  has helped me find balance for healthy living and rhythms for life.

 I use the Nike+ pedometer system with my iPod  to keep track of my distance and pace while listening to all kinds of music motivating me to press on.  Parks, beaches, trails even city walks make my long distance efforts more enjoyable. There are a few places that I return to over and over again.   The sunshine offers an open invitation to get moving outdoors.  I do have tough times with staying on course, but have noticed that early spring through late fall offer me the best of times.  

I'll set new goals and find new places to enjoy this season.  New challenges and paths await. 

Whether you are making time to go for a leisurely walk or more ambitious run the benefits to your mind and body make it a worthy pursuit.  Early morning offers the dew and sunrise that can be a refreshing way to start the day.  Starting out just before dusk can yield the quiet needed after a long day.  Some weekends I get to enjoy the park in the afternoon as it fills with families and friends sharing good times. When you are outdoors think about safety.  

Let's keep moving!

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