March 21, 2010

Come Sunday

11:30 am:  I'm hopeful about this Sunday as an important milestone for health reform in America is here.  In the hours ahead the United States Congress will focus on passing legislation to change the course of health in the lives of people across the nation.  I'm saying my prayers, calling my Congressman and watching it all unfold while dealing with more personal matters of health care in my own family.

11:30 pm:  Planning, mobilizing and working for change, has resulted in change. There is progress with both HR 3590 the Senate health bill and HR 4872 the reconciliation bill passing that includes student aid reform too.  There's still more work to be done, but this is progress. HR 3590 goes to the President's desk and HR 4872 moves over the Senate. 

My colleagues and I at the American Medical Student Association have pressed forward in this movement and together, we are shaping the future with advocacy and activism the fourth dimension of medicine after patient care, teaching and research.

You can find details on both bills at  and look at how Representative voted on HR 3590 at the House website or at the New York Times 

Thanks to Farheen Qurashi, AMSA's JRL Legislative Director  and the AMSA National Health Policy team team for leading the way in teaching us all how to stay involved.  I serve on AMSA's national leadership team as grassroots organizing coordinator on the student life committee.

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