March 17, 2010

Plan, Study, Do, Act - More on Time Management

The plan, do, study, act (pdsa) model is an approach and tool that while used with organizational teams is a change management approach that can work on a personal level.  In this model you have what seems like rigid frame, but it can help spur creativity in moving a concept or vision toward reality.  

The origins of PDSA have a rich history with well-known innovators. PDSA is an outgrowth of the plan, do, check and act (pdca) model developed by Dr. W. Edwards Deming the father of modern quality control and the Shewhart Cycle (named after Deming's collaborator from Bell Telephone LaboratoriesWalter A. Shewhart). It's a tool that corporations and organizations utilize to bring great minds together to do new things and change the world.

Whatever your dream or idea it's worth writing it down as the power of the pen (or the keystroke at the computer) connects your thoughts to a physical experience.  Let the vision ruminate and grow within. Discuss your plan with different kinds of people including mentors, critics, friends and family.  If you believe in the power of your dreams and trust you imagination as agent of change the possibilities abound.  Excitement and energy levels may wax and wane with each phase of a new effort, but the tenacity to keep at it is a strength that can be empowered with a plan.

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