June 09, 2013

Show and tell

I've been posting a selection of my meals and food choices as I'm trying new dishes and rethinking old favorites.  It's my take on a digital food diary and yes, there is probably an app for that my collection is on Facebook where feedback is a shared experience.
Dinner also included a scenic seaside view.

I admit dining out has been a challenge, but I've been doing some "mental rehearsing" trying plan ahead as well as think through my ideas about healthier choices before I sit down to the table. I also found the article "Health Eating While Dining With Others" helpful. The stress of sharing meals with family, friends and/or colleagues can be emotional when trying to eat healthier even in a mix of good company. Last weekend was a good example, I went out with friends to a very popular burger place, but ordered chicken. It wasn't well-prepared so I sent it back to the kitchen and had grilled brussel sprouts and a selection of seafood later on in evening that I prepared.

Another aspect of my healthier living plan involves moving more and also joined the GirlTrek of Healthy Black Women and Girls .  Here are my newest badges.
Nike+ Running app!
From Girl Trek


Earlier this week, I also found my way (yes, I wander walk) to the Harriet Tubman Memorial Statue in New York City.  I was struck by the broken chains in the rear section of the statue, such historical symbolism sheds contemporary "shackles" that we face for our health and healing within ourselves, families and communities.  

Share you thoughts.

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