May 27, 2013

In mixed company

This weekend is a good time to reflect and share memories with friends and families. I’m sharing meals and memories with family and friends. My plans also include a search for a stretching routine, strength training, and a closer look at the popular “Scientific 7-Minute Workout” to work up a sweat.

Food for Thought

I’ve also been following The Beckford Formula: Lose the Fat for Good by Drs. Ian and Rita Beckford. They have written a practical plan to follow based on their personal, family and clinical experiences with patients. I’ve shared the book with my mom and others. You’ll also find Facebook my posts and tweets.  Social media has been an inspiring and fun place to connect and share folks from all over the place on the fundamentals for improving lifestyles that healthier eating and more physical activity. 

Our family BBQ plan is taking shape and so I may get to share a little movie clip.  What’s on your table for health? 

  • Plan for breakfast. A smoothie can be a great start to a day and more economical if you mix it yourself, also leave some whole fruit chunks tokeep some of the fiber.  I like having one deviled egg on a piece of whole wheat toast. It's spring so berries a are ripe, sweet and sweeter with sale prices.
  • Portion control works to keep your favorites in reach.  As your read labels take note of serving sizes for the calorie count.  A serving of steak (or other protein) is 4 oz.
  •  A new healthier take on a favorite dish can help keep the flavor, while reducing the calories.  I'm making a Hoppin'John salad without the rice.
  • Put veggies and fruits on the grill.  Encourage folks to try new dishes even with tried and true favorites within reach.
  • Sip water or seltzer. Add lemon, lime and/or mint for flavor.
Take a Closer Look

Worth watching with family and friends:  The Soul Food Junkies documentary by Byron Hurt offers a glimpse of culture from generations of African Americans at dinner tables and holiday celebrations. Rethinking lifestyle choices is a personal, family and community challenge.

Notes from My Table

Friday night I had a celebration with mom on her last day of class with seafood. On Saturday, I had brunch with a friend: salad, a view of Central Park and good company was a winning combination.  After brunch I did a few miles of walking and had a portion-controlled fish fry for dinner with my folks.  The Sunday dinner table menu included bakesd turkey wings, rice, gravy and a mix of greens. We had fresh strawberries and ice cream. I ran a few miles after dinner.

Is there room for everyone (and their needs) at your table?  Sensible and sensitive menu choices make it possible for all to enjoy the day. 

Have a great holiday weekend! 

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  1. You are awesome! Love how you are making it a lifestyle! Keep sharing your journey with others! It inspires us all! Dr. B ( Rita) co-author of The Beckford Formula. ( Family lost over 100 pounds...70 pounds personally). So happy and excited for you!!!