March 03, 2014

Winter care

Another winter storm system is moving across the nation.  New York City has not had this much of a mix of bitter cold and snow for many years. As snowstorms come and go each pattern is unique. The moderate chill in the air in the early days of winter of December seem less memorable as each storm and cold air pressure system brings another round of uncertainty for the days ahead.   Instead of dreaming of spring and summer remain in this season.  Find new comfort, warmth and come up with ideas for pleasure in response in response to a winter mix of emotions and stress.

Make good use of time

Be present.  Winter stress is real.  Winter blues are real. Winter fun is real. Winter love is real.

Check-in with family and friends especially the elderly consider making time for longer cheerful conversations. Share good memories with a hot cup of tea at the kitchen table.  Experience the wonder of the season through the excitement that babies and children often feel at the sight of their first snowflakes. 

In winter sunrises and sunsets can be phenomenal!

Central Park just at the break of day.
Days are shorter and timing is everything. For example, a late start can add more stress and time to an already challenging commute. Running late can be erupt anxious feelings including frustration.  Traffic moves slower especially with potholes and since transportation systems are prone to delays.  You have check and recheck for updates as you travel.   When the snow comes making time to dig out may mean less rest, but may also exercise.  Be sure to stretch and warm up before you get out there with your shovel.

You may be moving at a slower pace, but winter beyond the holiday season can be an intense time.  Adjusting work, school and other schedules with late starts and early dismissals interrupts flow and output.  Missed and delayed deadlines may be unavoidable so get creative.  Setup some time and space to work from where you are, online grocery shopping may save time, if possible take the train or bus so that you have time to read up or rest.

Carry on and also take time relax consider a weekend afternoon nap. Catch up on bookshelf reading, music or movies.

Physical care matters

It’s a wintry mix outside, but sitting too long is not a good plan. Find ways to stay active. We need exercise, but activities we take on for pleasure and relaxation may be cancelled, you can turn up some good music, get up and move at home. 

Winter metabolism is different

·      Breathe deeply: inhale and exhale.
·      Stay hydrated: drink warm and hot water, add lemon, ginger or some other flavor.
·      Protect skin: bathe and moisturize entire body (including lips)s.

Dress for the season!  Layers, hats, scarves and boots can make all the difference as our bodies work hard at thermoregulation in cold weather.  Hypothermia and frostbite are real challenge so be sure to stay warm and dry.

We tend to eat more during the winter and so having a crockpot, stew or other one pot meals can be fulfilling, budget friendly and time saving.   There are also great seasonal options for fruits and vegetables that can stretch you budget and add flavor for a healthier plate. Go on try new foods!

Yum! A handful of pomegranate seeds.
Soup is on at Lunch Box 23 in New Haven, CT.
 Take note: Prepare for the unexpected.


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