November 21, 2012

Yes! New York City Matters

A NYC view overlooking Central Park from the Upper West Side. (2012)

I grew up in New York City. My fascination with local neighborhoods began when my mom and I would travel throughout Manhattan.  Her budget constraints offered a good fortune for long long walks on foot down city streets. In the cold we shared great times and hot chocolate with crowds during the Thanksgiving parade. I remember taking a pony ride and my first tennis lessons in Central Park.  My mom worked in Rockefeller Center and for 25 years on Madison Avenue, she took me to see my first Broadway show, we also had many days of window shopping

My family has lived here for five generations! New York City is a place where the power of social connection puts family and friends in close proximity for fun times.  I also love it when I bump into people I know when I'm on the bus or subway platform, in the gym, at a show or just moving around the City. It's amazing how often I unexpectedly see folks I know, there are kindred spirits here.

I also have wonderful memories of taking class trips and summer camp excursions to the Hayden Planetarium, Empire State Building, Carnegie Hall, Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island which encourage my tenacious attempt to share my New York City point for view while moving about in search of intriguing, provocative and fun-filled opportunities that abound here. Whether I flip the pages of magazines, see online posts, hear about venues from friends and family or just wander, I know from the depths of my heart that New York City matters.

A place where diversity thrives and opportunities abound across life span.

Here's a short list of a few of my recent sightings:

  • There's lots to see and experience including exhibits at the United Nations. 
  • Just over from the Chelsea area of Hudson River Park evidence of success along The HighLine shows promise for The LowLine, a Delancy street undeground dream in progress.  The streets of the the Lower East Side, Union Square, Washington Square and the Village still move my creative soul whether it's writing time, listening to music or just taking a walk.
  • A unique mix of historical and contemporary experiences are within reach in museum settings. For example, a visit to New Museum could anchor exploration of the Bowery. The Metropolitan Museum of Art's famous Christmas Tree and Neapolitan Baroque Crèche offers glimpse a nativity scene to feed your imagination.  The Christmas Angels and Tree in Rockefeller Center are stunning!
  • I love love love the outdoors spaces including Central Park, Bryant Park, Prospect Park, Flushing Meadow, Cunningham Park/Alley Pond and Wave Hill au naturel New York City landscapes.  I hope to do the giraffe path (aka hike the Heights) one day soon.  Do you know the story of Seneca Village?
  • NY Waterway Ferry offers a daily boat ride schedule from Long Island City to Brooklyn's  DUMBO it's a connection worth exploring if not for the commute, for sightseening on this trip and  the other waterway destinations. (N.B. I've taken this trip on the East River Ferry).

NY Matters Photo Contest is sponsored by Vidicom and Citybuzz.

 A special note to native New Yorkers who work and live here.  Remember to take time to see why visitors have booked their travel.
  • As you commute, give yourself time to take another route to work so that you can see new places. 
  • Take a "visitor" weekend and go some where you (alone or with friends) have never been in New York City.
  • You have to be intentional, come up with your own a list of places to visit around town so you can be ready when you have time.
Whether you are visitor or have lived here all your life if you don't get lost or at least turned around once in a while then you are just not moving through enough of New York City.  NYC MTA has new apps and online tools that are helpful with navigation of the train and bus system along with useful tools to connect with art in the subway and/or follow the "Poetry in Motion" series

Young people should also be encouraged to explore the diverse, urban destinations as well as the lens that elders can offer of their great times around town. Here are a more pictures from my Instagram collection of my experiences including food and culture around New York City:

In this post I've selected public spaces, which are often public-private ventures that all can enjoy regardless of budget.  I'd like to be a selected winner in the New York City Buzz contest A few nights in the fine Affina hotel, a Broadway play, shopping at Bloomingdales, good food and museums are quite a winning combination. I will be following #citybuzzNYC and sharing my experiences on social media, while I hope for a win.

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