January 18, 2012

Health and well-being in Haiti

"Early lessons in global health from Haiti" is my post on KevinMD regarding health and progress in rebuilding Haiti. I offer here a few additional notes on Haiti.

Hispaniola includes Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Watch this clip of Nou Bouke an Emmy Award winning documentary offering a close up view of Haiti with Edwidge Danticat narrating. Her latest book, Create Dangerously is on my reading list. 

Nou Boke translates from Creole loosely into "I'm Tired" thanks to the translation in the documentary by Jacqueline Charles. This is a glimpse of the situation from the ground with voices and scenes from Haiti directed by Joe Cardona and photography director Jose Iglesias. The other clip is a about local schools raising funds to help rebuild Haitian school. The children raised $500K and classrooms are reopening.

A few tweets also offer updates on progress, health and well-being in Haiti: 

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