September 20, 2011

A common cold

If you are from North America a most frequent health concern is the common cold. It turns out that most of us will suffer from the common cold or upper respiratory related-illness, but recover quickly. You can take sensible measures to help us avoid infection. I'm from a family with deep southern roots and a tradition where my grandmother had hand in my early childhood upbringing. Her sense of health and well-being includes home remedies, she believes in the power of chicken soup to help the healing process.

Here's a note to prevention post for self-care:

• Practice healthy habits.
• Eat a balanced diet.
• Get enough sleep.
• Exercise.
• Do your best to keep stress in check.
• Wash your hands.

Home remedies abound including talk about andrographs, echinecea, vitamin C, zinc lozenges. What do you suggest for the common cold or flu?  


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