May 26, 2010

Wellness Wednesday: National Senior Health & Fitness Day

Today is National Senior Health and Fitness Day, consider reaching out to your folks and encourage them to get going while showing your loved ones some gratitude as they were your  first coaches, who encouraged your very first steps in life.  Over 100,000 older adults across the United States will participate in health promotion events.  Consider taking a walk or getting some exercise with a mentor, family member or friend.  Encourage the elders around you to stay active.   I think it's extraordinary that after a long battle with illness, my mom is recovering and resuming her active lifestyle while taking on new habits to improve her health.  She's riding her bike to work today. I've already gone for a 3 mile walk today.  How about you?  

What's on your wellness agenda today - be intentional, make up your mind to take 30 minutes for a walk, run, yoga, stretching or go for a swim.   May there's a Zumba class with your name on it.   It's Wellness Wednesday.

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